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2020-2021 USDF Region 6 PM Delegates

PM Delegates serve a one year term -- through July, 2021.

Stephanie Jaymes Bonney

Stephanie J. Bonney lives in Boise, ID and trains at Les Bois Dressage. She is an adult amateur that started riding dressage ten years ago. In 2018, she earned her bronze medal and bronze freestyle bar on her Hungarian stallion, Warado. She and Warado are working toward her silver medal.

My name is Stephanie Bonney and I am a candidate for one of the Region 6 Delegate Positions. I am an adult amateur rider located in Boise, Idaho. I’ve been involved with dressage for the past 10 years and I currently board and train at Les Bois Dressage with Nadine Schwartsman. I have my USDF bronze medal and bronze freestyle bar and I’m working on my silver medal. I’ve completed Part 1 of the L-Program and enjoy participating in USDF clinics. My work as an attorney has served me well in navigating my way through the sometimes labyrinth rules of the USEF and the USDF.

I am the vice-president of the Idaho Dressage and Eventing Association, a position I’ve held for the past six years, and I serve on the USDF GMO Membership Committee. I’ve arranged clinics and education for riders in Idaho and I regularly attend USDF shows in Idaho, Washington, and Oregon.

My desire to serve as a PM delegate stems from my experience as a dressage rider in a fairly rural area and I’d like to represent that perspective at the USDF. We have challenges that riders in other areas don’t face, such as access to shows and education. I would also like to see USDF become more transparent and responsive to its membership. I was involved in trying to get USDF to rescind the recent freestyle rule. Although we weren’t successful, I think the effort made an impact on the executive board.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions! I hope to have your support.

Matt Eagan

Matt is one of the trainers at River Run Ranch in Carnation, WA and has been a PM delegate for the past two years. He would like to continue furthering educational opportunities for the region.

Hello Everyone,

My name is Matt Eagan, and I am running to be elected as one of the PM delegates for our region.

I am one of the resident trainers at River Run Ranch in Carnation, WA. Currently, I am enrolled in the L Judge program as I work towards eventually becoming a licensed judge.

I have proudly represented our region the past two years as a PM delegate. I think it is important to get many different view points involved in our region and I am happy to bring in the perspective of a trainer.

For our region I would like to continue building up our educational opportunities for our members. Additionally, I would like to help with the continued growth of a Regional Championships.

I thank you for your support!


Nicki Grandia

I am a USDF gold medalist who runs a training business in Snohomish. I am also currently the FEI youth coordinator for Region 6. I have grown up in this region and am very active in the shows.

Kaye Phaneuf

Dressage Technical Delegate/R, USEF Steward/R, FEI DR Steward/Level 1. USDF Technical Delegates Committee, ODS Competitions, Arabian Horse Association Dressage (past chair), Sport Horse (vice-chair). Region 6 PM Delegate 2011-2015. 30 years as show secretary and amateur competitor. I bring a broad perspective on USDF’s member service and its role within the USEF ‘family.’

I think I covered all the significant bits about what I bring to the table in the bio you'll read on the ballot. But to speak to Gwen Perkins' question about addressing the needs and concerns of our Equine Professional and Amateur Dressage Communities...
At this phase of my life, my primary involvement is as a Dressage Technical Delegate and as a competition secretary/manager. I'm also a USEF C2 Steward (basically a TD for the breeds and Western Dressage), a former breeder of Arabian Sport Horses, and still heavily involved in that world at the regional and national level. 
Competitions are my focus, and the rules that govern them are my passion. USEF-licensed or League; USDF-recognized or not; Dressage, DSHB or both; open to all breeds or restricted to one -- it doesn't matter to me. I just revel in doing all that I can to preserve, strengthen and grow competitions in the Northwest -- fair, exhibitor-friendly competitions that invite participation from amateurs and professionals alike. 
I want to help build and maintain competitions that give our breeders a market and showcase for their horses; competitions that give our region's Dressage students, no matter the quality of their horse, the depth of their pockets, or the height of their goals, a benchmark against which to measure their progress.
I want to apply my knowledge and experience to the rule-making process. I want to make the decisions that affect our competitions so that I can then explain to our competitors the 'why' behind the rules. I want to be part of defining and creating the level playing field so that we can be sure that the needs and concerns of our Region's competitors are represented.

Jo Renn

I’m an adult amateur, L graduate, silver medalist, schooling show judge, volunteer coordinator, show manager, active in two GMO’s, and training to be a TD. In my “day job,” I’m a psychiatrist. I would like to help the sport grow and help others enjoy it as much as I do.

I am Jo Renn, and am running for Region 6 PM delegate. Nine years ago, at age 42, I owned a horse for the first time, and first sat in a dressage saddle. Today, I am an “L” graduate with distinction and judging schooling shows. I am in the apprentice program to become a technical delegate (TD). I am on the board of directors for ODS, and have been an active member of three GMO’s. I have been involved in running recognized shows, league shows and schooling shows as a manager, assistant manager, and/or volunteer coordinator. I have earned my silver medal, and am currently showing two horses at 4th level who I brought up from training level (with professional help). I have attended USDF convention for the past 3 years as GMO delegate and member of the Awards Committee.

Our sport is unique in that a training level amateur can literally share the warmup ring, and be judged by the same standards as an Olympic athlete. I feel this creates an integrity and unity which is important to preserve. But it also poses some unique challenges in welcoming newcomers and in collaboration between groups. USDF is where this collaboration occurs. My varied background gives me a perspective to help this be a cooperative process. Too often in this sport, issues are presented as being “for” or “against” certain groups (I.e. amateurs, pros, beginner, high-performance). Usually the reality is that all groups rely on each other. The best answer is to help ALL groups within the sport to succeed, by helping the sport to grow. This is done by inspiring and mentoring; encouraging others to work wherever their passion lies for the good of the sport. If selected, I will apply the same hard work to improving dressage in our region through governance as I have in all of my other roles in this sport.

Amanda Wilgenburg

Having thoroughly enjoyed my first convention as a PM delegate, I’m delighted to be running again. I feel my experiences as a competitor, L graduate with distinction, and volunteer help me to appropriately represent Region 6 at the BOG. Thank you for your continued support.

Good morning folks. I've been asked to write a short bio so you have some background on me and my nomination for PM delegate.

I have been involved in dressage for over 20 years. I love to volunteer and compete at shows, and am also blessed to be able to officiate at many local schooling shows in my area (Washingtion). I am currently enrolled in the 'r' licensing program and am enjoying the education I am getting from the process. Last year was my first year as a delegate, and I found I thoroughly enjoyed being involved in the governing process. I feel that my experience on the myriad sides of showing, volunteering, teaching and judging help me to fairly represent the voices of our region. I thank you for your trust in my representation last year and hope to be able to do so again this year.

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