USDF Virtual Convention, December 3-6


Recommended Reading


Committee and Council Reports: WEB - Committee WEB - Committee Reports_Final Rev 11-10-20.pdf (

Regional Director Reports: (BTW, interesting to read what other Regions have done): WEB - RD Reports_Final Rev 10-28-20.pdf (

Proposed Bylaws Changes: Bylaws Proposed Edits_10-09-20.pdf (

Proposed Budget: 21.22PreliminaryBudgetWorkingDraft.xlsx (

Nominees for Executive Board: Executive Board Nominees (


All USDF members, PM, GM, Education or Business, are invited to attend the Convention and learn more about your USDF and oh so many other things. BUT, in order to enjoy the Convention, you must first register at this link by December 2.

Once you have registered, you can then peruse the agenda here and sign up for the events in which you want to watch/listen/participate at this link.

There are three events I hope many (all?) of you will attend:
a. The Regional Meeting – set for Thursday, Dec. 3 from 1-2:15 PST
b. The First Board of Governors Session – Friday, Dec. 4 from 2-5 PST
c. The Second Board of Governors Session – Saturday, Dec. 5 -- 11 – 1PST

While there aren’t the “hot” issues coming to the Board of Governors (BOG), on Friday you’ll learn about the candidates for At Large Director (3 spots) and you’ll get the Treasurer’s Report which should be interesting given the disruptions of 2020.

On Saturday, the BOG will vote on the At Large Director candidates and the budget.

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