Region 6 NAYC Competitors head to Michigan

Congratulations to our NAYC (North American Youth Championships) competitors. While the NAYC was cancelled last year, it is set to be held in Michigan this August and Region 6 will be well represented.

Two Junior Riders, Daphne Glen and Reese Wyman, both of Gig Harbor, Washington, have qualified to go and will be paired with riders from another region to make a team.

Two Young Riders, Jessica Beck, Oregon City, OR, and Ashley Anderson, Bigfork, MT have qualified and will be paired with others to make a team. (A team may consist of 3 or 4 riders but only the top 3 scores count towards the team score at the NAYC.)

It takes a lot of time and effort (not to mention funding) to qualify for the NAYC and attend the show. Check the Regional Facebook page for updates on fund raising for these great competitors.”





Qualifying Competition for 2022 NAYC & USEF Nat’l Championships

Dressage Level 4 Competition

Licensed Officials:

  Janet “Dolly” Hannon ‘S”, Jodi Lees ‘S’, Sue Mandas ‘S’

William McMullin ‘S’, William “Lee” Tubman ‘S’, William Warren ‘S”

Beth Davidson ‘R’ Dressage TD & Rebecca Lewis ‘R’ Dressage TD

Click Here for Official Competition Prize List

Opening Date: July 1st, 2021

Closing Date: August 30, 2021

Loose Moose at "A"

Photo by Peter Rothschild

A moose and her calf attended a recent Alaska Dressage Association show.  The story ended up as a story in the U.K. “Horse and Hound” magazine!

A moose loose aboot this... show? Mother moose enters at A as baby sunbathes by arena - Horse & Hound (