National Dressage Pony Cup is coming to the Pacific Northwest!

May 12, 2015


Are you a Region 6 Adult Amateur, Professional, or Jr/YR who loves your pony and wants them to be recognized for their dressage talent?  Equestrians Institute (EI) is giving you that opportunity: the region's first Pony Only classes will be offered at the Beaujolais show at Donida Farm in Auburn, Washington, June 12 &13, 2015. Entries for Beaujolais close on May19th!


Here’s how you and your pony can participate:


  • Enter the Beaujolais and sign up for one of the Pony Only classes 166PO or 167PO offered on Friday -  prize list here

  • Review the requirements listed below.

  • If you don’t have a pony card, make sure you and your pony are at the showgrounds on Thursday afternoon/evening for the pony measurements. 

  • Compete in the show.

  • Win cool ribbons!




  1. The pony division is open to Adult Amateurs, Professionals, and JR/YR. It is open to all breeds that meet the following measurement requirements. In the Dressage Division, a pony is an animal that does not exceed 148 cm (14.2 hh) without shoes, and 149 cm (14.3 hh) with shoes. The pony can be of any sex (Mare, Stallion, or Gelding).

  2. Ponies under the age of eight and in possession of a valid temporary pony card from the Dressage Division, or any other USEF division or discipline, should submit a copy with their entry or have their pony measured at the show in order to participate in these classes.

  3. Measurement will be offered and required for these pony specific classes if they do not currently have a valid measurement card.  

  • Individual responsible for presenting the pony for measurement must be 18 years old.

  • Animals submitted for measurement or re‐measurement must show no evidence of lameness, and must be jogged for soundness prior to the measurement. Animals showing evidence of lameness are not eligible for measurement or re‐measurement.

  • The pony must be entered to compete at the competition for a measurement to take place.

  • Management must receive a request for measurement from the owner or agent at least five days prior to the start of competition in order to get measured.


For more information, contact Karen Petty at or call 360.701.4384.


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