Donna Longacre (WA)


I am willing to continue as Region 6 Director if asked to do so. I believe I bring a down to earth, common sense perspective to the Executive Board.  I am not afraid to speak up for the grass roots riders and programs, push for equal opportunity for our West Coast members, as well as support programs that enable our High Performance riders to showcase themselves and their horses on the International scene. The USDF strategic plan emphasizes being all things dressage to all people, and I believe that includes all levels of riders on both coasts. (Click to read full bio)


I have been very active in the workings of USDF.  I initiated the practice of EB members being able to audit committee conference calls in order to increase communication and understanding of proposals that come forward from committees. I feel this has helped several board members understand recommendations for changes in programs, as well as connect to the volunteers and members who are doing the work behind the scenes. 


I also have been an advocate for USDF Youth programs by initiating our Region 6 Youth Camp. This camp has served as an outreach to youth riders throughout our Region, developed new interest in dressage, serves as a venue for older riders to “give back” and helps raise funds for our Region 6 NAJYRC team. In time I believe this will increase the depth of riders of all ages in our Region. I also requested the development of a manual for YR Chef de Equips, as well as materials for the coordinators.

Over my term as Regional Director I have continually worked on encouraging USDF to develop Outreach projects including online membership which led to etrack, brochures, and the use of social media. I have also been an advocate for supporting GMO’s, including sharing of information and self-improvement and education of leadership. I also initiated changes that enable delegates time to review materials in order to make educated decisions at the BOG, as well as a stipend to help those that need it. I am committed to continually stressing the importance of USDF activities in the West.


My future goals for the Region are to increase volunteerism. We are only limited by the availability of human  resources. Finding the leadership for important projects is paramount. The program leaders that are in place in our Region are extraordinary, but unfortunately few and far between.  I would love to see a program developed to assist our Adult riders with education and completion expenses including attending US Finals (….wherever they may be), a support system to help our smaller GMO’s, and a better showcase for our breeders and young horses.  As I travel the Region I am always open to new ideas and receptive to those that are willing to give of their time and talents to the sport.


I believe that many hands make light work. Right now most of the work in our Region is done by a small group of people. There are members out there that do not realize how much time these people are dedicating to making educational and competitive opportunities for them. I believe the GMO is the backbone of USDF, and only thru support, education and involvement of more members can our association survive and grow.


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