USDF Region 6 Annual Meeting

Cowlitz County PUD Community Room

961 12th Ave, Longview, WA

November 21, 2015







8:30 am          Social Time/Coffee/Continental Breakfast                         Region 6


9:00 am          Meeting call to order                                                             Donna Longacre

                        PM/GMO Delegate Roll Call                                                 Acting Secretary

                        Announcements/Approve Agenda

                        Reading of the Minutes                                                       

                        Treasurer's Report                                                                Gaye McCabe

                        Regional Director's Report                                                   Donna Longacre


                        Committee Reports:

                                    Region 6 Champs/NW Dressage Report               NWD Management Team

                                                P & L

                                                Future site and date discussion

                                    Competition Management                                        Rose Newman


10:00  am       Break

                         Regional Youth Dressage Rider Program                         Jodi McMaster/Gaye/Donna

                                     NAJYRC Team Report                                             Jodi McMaster

                                                 Region 6 YR Clinic Report

                                     Region 6 Youth Camp                                              Jessica Rattner

                                                 Oregon- ODS                                                 

                          Membership Committee                                                      Jessica Rattner

                                    GMO Committee                                                        Corinne Stonier        

                                    Adult Education                                                          Francy Haupt



11:30 am         LUNCH BREAK`      

                                    Q and A/ Brainstorming/Open Discussion


12:30 pm         Committee Reports Continue….

                                    FEI Programs -                                                           Alyssa Pitts

                                                Region 6 CDI Account                                                         

                                                Young Horse/Brentina Cup/Developing Rider/Ponies

                                    Sport Horse                                                                Kari McClain                                                              Judges/L Program                                                   

                                    Instructor Trainer                                                       Nicol Hind

                                    Awards                                                                        Ed Miller


                                    Technical Delegate                                                   Kaye Phaneuf

                                    Nominations                                                               Kaye Phaneuf



                                    By Laws                                                                      Gaye McGabe, Peter Rothchild

                                    Communications                                                        Lori Fleming

                                                Website, Face Book, Newsletter


2:00  pm         Break 

                                    Historian                                                                     Anna Lucy Keller

                                    Freestyle                                                                    Anna Lucy Keller

                                    Western Dressage                                                    Laurie Taylor


                                    Region 6 Delegates/Stipends/Voting

                                    Issues coming before the board

                                    Adult Travel Fund

                                    USDF National Finals           2015 KHP, Lexington, KY

                                                                                    2016-KHP, Lexington, KY

                                                                                    2017- ?


                                    USDF National Convention  2015    Las Vegas, NV




                                   Other Old Business


                                   New Business


 4:00 pm                    Adjourn




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