North American Junior and Young Rider Championships: 2014 Wrap Up

Jodi McMaster, R6 Youth Coordinator


I want to congratulate our Region 6 NAJYRC riders Heather DeCent, Emily Park, and Sarah Cohen.  All qualified and attended this year's Championships in Kentucky. The girls did very well and we are proud of their accomplishments. 

Heather DeCent is a 14 year old from Gig Harbor, WA; she rode her own Norra, a 14 year old German Riding Pony.


Emily Park is a 17 year old from Eugene, OR; Emily rode Pretty Lady, a 17 year old Royal Dutch Riding Pony.


Young Rider Sarah Cohen is a 21 year old from Anchorage, AK; Sarah rode Regina Agren's Vicaro dos Pinhais, a 13 year old Lusitano.

Region 6 did not have enough riders to field a full Junior or Young Rider team so, for the team event, our riders were combined with other regions in the same situation. 

Our top placing was Heather DeCent who was on the combined Region 6/7 Team and won the Bronze Medal for the team event!

Junior Team Results 
Region 6/7 Team won the Bronze medal with a total of 196.584:
Danielle Bonavito and Wyoming - 68.216% - region 7
Heather DeCent and Norra - 60.108% - region 6
Lauren Mack Lada'at - 64.486% - region 7
Olivia Zeilinger and Stentano - 63.892% - region 7

Region 3/6 Team took 7th place in team event: 
Mallory Kent – region 3
Natalie Pai – region 3
Emily Park – region 6 
Rachel Robinson – region 3 

Young Rider Team Results

Region 5/6 Team won place in team event:
Sarah Cohen – region 6
Erin McHenry – region 5
Devon Wycoff – region 5 

Young Rider Individual and Freestyle Results
Sarah Cohen – 19th individual - 63.079
Sarah Cohen - 16th freestyle 62.650

Junior Riders Individual Results
Emily Park – 18th - 64.684 (qualified for freestyle, but had to scratch)
Heather DeCent – 29th - 61.632

From left: Emily, Heather, and Sarah        Photo by Jodi McMaster

Heather DeCent and Norra                         Photo by Jodi McMaster

Emily, trying a new kind of ride                    Photo by Jodi McMaster

Sarah, Vicaro, and trainer Judy Thocher

Photo by Charlene Cohen

Emily and Pretty Lady

Unknown photographer

Heather takes on the bull

Photo by Jodi McMaster

Sarah, fresh from the dunk tank     Photo by Jodi McMaster

Heather DeCent, Emily Park, Sarah Cohen, Jordan Dittmer  (groom)                           Photo by Jodi McMaster

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